Hi, I'm Naveen. I'm trained as a designer, I think like an entrepreneur & I practice as a user researcher.

Storytelling is one of the world’s oldest art forms. Much like how no two days are the exact same, my story is different than most. My story has laughter, inspiring conversations and one motorcycle accident in Indonesia. I have embraced challenge and converted it into beautiful moments of clarity and break-through. This website is how I, as a passionate designer, want to share my story. Blending the lines of what design is and what it could be is where I find my inspiration. Work represents how I spend my time. My day-to-day adventures as a designer are a weird intersection of enterprise software, facilitation, entrepreneurship and traveling. Truth be told, I love it.

I practice as a user researcher.

Research fuels my decisions. From experience, I know where to look and how to ask the right questions. My findings are actionable and create impact. My passion is in building a deeper understanding of a user’s wants and needs.
IBM Presence Insights

IBM's incubator program is unique take around on-boarding new designers. The incubator program matches ambitious designers with some of IBM's most challenging problems. Using design thinking as the tool, the incubator program challenges designers to create actionable impact for the business. I, along with six other designers, took on the challenge. By tackling an impactful and far-reaching software delivery problem, we created a solution which could save IBM millions. Click to read more

IDT for Non-Designers

IDT is IBM's own flavor of design thinking. Fueled by research from my users, I created a hands-on design thinking workshop for "non-designers". With the link below you will find my three-part case study to highlight the scoping, delivery and reflection of this workshop. Shared with over 2000+ people, it reinforces how powerful of a tool design thinking can be for anyone. Click to read more

I think like an entrepreneur.

Valuable lessons came from both my failures and my successes. The outcomes lead me to become resourceful. Through relentless reinvention I have crafted creative solutions that do more with less.
TravelMore KickStarter

TravelMore is an eCommerce company, which focuses on sourcing and selling travel gear. In the summer of 2016, TravelMore encountered a growth problem. Their co-founder reached out to me to consult with the team as a design strategist. Over the course of two months, I built an understanding of the user, established a growth strategy, built a full kickstarter campaign which brought in ~900 sales equaling $50,000. Click to read more

IBM Security Design Practices

In 2016, I joined IBM Security as a portfolio-level researcher. After just two weeks in the role, I took on the responsibility to build a design practices program. Using my entrepreneurial mindset, I expanded design thinking at a rapid pace. In just six months, I led product teams to becoming user-centered utilizing the design-thinking strategies from my workshops. The design-practices program has contributed to over seven million dollars in sales and helped save millions in development costs. Click to read more

I am trained as a designer.

I love getting my hands dirty to create good design. I take complex information and make it accessible for anyone to understand. My motto is "does my mother understand this?"
Travel Safe App

Travelsafe was an app designed for the Singaporean taxi market focusing in on how we can make the process of hailing a cab easier. From research to prototyping, Travelsafe was a great opportunity to explore a different culture and designing for a new population of people. Check it out on Behance

User Needs Train Map

As a designer, I focus on taking complex information and making it simple. During the IBM incubator project, I worked to build a deep understanding of my users. I wanted to share this understanding with my team and my stakeholders. I worked with a visual designer to synthesize hours of design research into one comprehensible, concise, and informative graphic. This development created remarkable successful for my team. Click to read more

Deep Breaths

Everyone has a story to tell but not everyone has the confidence to do so. A deep breath can be the saving grace between flawed and flawless presentation. For an event called "IBM Craft-Con," IBM selected me to present on a topic I am passionate about - public speaking. I delivered a lighthearted, yet informative talk sharing my best practices in public speaking. Click to watch the presentation

Sherpa Music App

As part of my senior thesis in undergrad, I explored different working styles of the modern technology nomad. Sherpa was an app design created for avid music listeners. From research to prototyping, Sherpa was a fun project to test and grow my skills all while trying to build a great user experience. Check it out on Behance